Animal Feeds & Bedding

A one stop store for farmers, small holders and pet owners.

Heygates supply our core range of animal feeds. Based on a blend of traditional raw materials and modern technology to give the best possible quality and value for money.

We compliment the range with a wide selection of other branded products.

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Poultry Feeds

A full range of feeds for chicks, growing birds, layers and turkeys as well as whole wheat and mixed corn rations.


Cattle & Sheep Feed

A full range of mixes and pellets for all stages of cattle and sheep production.


Pig Feed

We stock Creepgrow pellets, finisher pellets, sow nuts, sow and weaner meal and sow rolls.

Animal Feeds & Bedding

Horse Feed

We supplement our excellent range from Heygates with other feed from the main manufacturers.



We stock three varieties of Baillie Haylage – Meadow Grass, High Fibre and Ryegrass + Timothy



We stock two types of dust extracted shavings – Natural Flake (mainly for horses) and Small Flake for smaller animals.  Also baled sawdust. (Great quality from AW Jenkinson)

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Other Feeds & Straights

We stock bagged feed for Llama & Alpacas, Goats plus a full range of straights.

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Poultry Feeders & Drinkers

Feeders and drinkers to suit all needs.

Phillips Animal Health - Animal Feeds & Bedding - Supplements


A full range of equine, poultry and livestock supplements.

In Store

We hold an extensive stock in Horncastle and have access to the main animal health companies manufacturers & distributors for product and advice.

We have an experienced team in store and “on the road” who will be pleased to assist in any way. We have the strength of our in-house knowledge but also have access to all the main animal health companies, manufacturers and distributors.

Please call into our Store in Horncastle or contact the relevant sales person:

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in Horncastle, Lincolnshire

Horncastle Office/Country Store:
01507 523281/527486

General Manager: Paul Phillips
Sales: Jonathan Phillips
Accounts and Administration:
Julie Baxter, Kate Phillips or Sharon Pinkett
Stores: Norman Grant
Sales Counter: Cleasie Ward

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