Fencing, Gates & Electric Fencing

We stock a wide range of fencing materials and gates as detailed below.

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Wooden Gates

Treated Softwood Five Bar Gates (4’ to 12’)


Metal Field Gates

Seven Bar, Galvanised Metal Field Gates (3’ to 16’)

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Other Metal Gates

Other Metal Gates: Cattleyard, Meshed, Deer and Sheeted etc.


Gate Furniture and Fittings

Full range of Gate Furniture and Fittings


Round Posts

Machine Rounded and Natural Peeled posts – (4’x 2” to 8’ x 7-8”)


Sawn Fencing, Rails and Sleepers

Fencing Rails (12’), Sleepers and Gate Posts (Various)

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Electric Fencing – Energisers

Full range or Electric Fence Energisers – mains, battery and solar

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Electric Fencing – Components

Electric Fencing Posts, Insulators, Wire, Tape and other Components

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Electric Fencing Machines

Rappa Fencing Machines – barrow and attachment for trailer and quads

In Store

We hold an extensive stock in Horncastle and have access to the main animal health companies manufacturers & distributors for product and advice.

We have an experienced team in store and “on the road” who will be pleased to assist in any way. We have the strength of our in-house knowledge but also have access to all the main animal health companies, manufacturers and distributors.

Please call into our Store in Horncastle or contact the relevant sales person:

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in Horncastle, Lincolnshire

Horncastle Office/Country Store:
01507 523281/527486

General Manager: Paul Phillips
Sales: Jonathan Phillips
Accounts and Administration:
Julie Baxter, Kate Phillips or Sharon Pinkett
Stores: Norman Grant
Sales Counter: Cleasie Ward

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